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SOILPAM TRACKLOG is designed to alleviate irrigation pivot track ruts, compaction and clods around wheel tracks, standing water, and the potential for getting stuck.

Track Log Jantzen Equipment

Why We Began to Use TRACKLOG

If you are a farmer - you have these photos as well. Year after year, we spent hours digging out pivots. Not only did it take our afternoon but it cost us up to 10% reduction in yield in that field due to the heat stress on the field while the pivot was down. Not to mention the corn wiped out by the tractor while we pulled out the pivot.

(this field pictured here is now rut free)

Track Log Jantzen Equipment

TRACKLOG Is A Simple, Effective Solution

SOILPAM TRACKLOG is a gel log that minimizes center pivot wheel track ruts. For only a few dollars per acre, it offers more than a full season of use. Tracklogs can be hung over each wheel track tower. The sprinkler slowly dissolves the logs and stabilizes the soil into stabilize and enhance the soil.

SoilPam TrackLog Provides Many Benefits to The Farmer

  • Minimize track ruts

  • Stabilizes the soil

  • Reduces pivot maintenance 

  • Less disease/pest potential

  • Overall cost savings 

  • Improves water filtration

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