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We specialize in parts washers and accessories that effectively clean components made of metal, plastic, and even rubber. These systems are capable of handling small parts and large assemblies. They are limited only by the cabinet size, and they are especially effective in removing petroleum products, dirt carbon, and metal shavings.

Count on us to be the innovators in parts washers. Our products offer top performance as well as more standard features and options than with any other brand in the industry.

WHY cuda?

Proven Quality

The Cuda line of automatic aqueous parts washers has provided a safe and time-saving cleaning solution for thousands of repair shops and other businesses for over 15 years.


Eliminates Harsh Solvents

Cuda automatic parts washers eliminate the use of hazardous solvent cleaners providing a safe and easy solution to washing parts.


Reduce Manual Labor, Saving Money and Time
Why waste time cleaning parts manually?  With a Cuda parts washer, you simply load the dirty parts, close the door and push start. It’s that simple! A single Cuda automatic parts washer can typically support three to four technicians or mechanics, who would otherwise spend hours washing parts by hand. Cuda allows them to focus on more revenue-producing work, which means your Cuda parts washer could pay for itself in less than one year. 

top seller: SJ15

Patented spray wash technology, which eliminates the need for drive motor, gears, pulleys, etc.


Using a water-propelled spray arm with 23 nozzles that spins around a stationary parts basket, parts are hit from every angle and are never more than 18 inches from the spray nozzle, creating a surround cleaning effect.


A momentary safety switch automatically turns off pump when lid is opened to protect operator from hot-water spray.

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Top Load Automatic Parts Washers

Control Panel

• For heater, wash cycle and low water shut-off

Removable Debris Screen

• Filters debris particles from wash solution

• Safeguard against small parts that might accidentally be washed through from the cleaning chamber


Automatic Oil Skimmer

• Stainless steel disc and wiper blades 

• Removes oil and grease from cleaning solution    


Easy Access Sump Cover

• Permits quick and easy cleaning

Working Height: 12”-24”

Turntable Diameter: 24”-25”

Load Capacity: 250-500lbs.

Pump Capacity: 20-50GPM; 22-45PSI

4 models/multiple options

Cuda Detergents add 90 days 

to the machine warranty!

Front Load Automatic Parts Washers

Space Saver Roll-In Door

• Allows easy access to the entire wash chamber


Integrated Oil Skimmer

• Stainless steel disc and wiper blades

• Removes oil and grease from the cleaning solution


Front Access Debris Screen

• Filters debris particles from the wash solution 

• Safeguard against small parts that might accidentally be           washed through from the cleaning chamber    


Optional Pneumatic Power Brush    

• Rotates at 1800 rpm

• Stainless steel bristles 

Working Height: 30”-72”

Turntable Diameter: 25”-72”

Load Capacity: 500-1,000lbs.

Pump Capacity: 50-180GPM; 40-45PSI

7 models/multiple options

Cuda Detergents add 90 days 

to the machine warranty!

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