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As fourth generation farmers, we know how valuable it is to find reliable equipment for every day use.  The brands of equipment we carry will make your life easier, increase your productivity and save you money.



Jantzen Equipment is a family owned business located near Madrid in south west Nebraska.  We started in the mid seventies selling steam cleaners.  Being a forward thinking farming operation, we searched out and tested many commercial quality goods.  This has given us the ability to choose the best for our customers.

Today, we specialize in a variety of products for Farm, Home, and Industry.  These include; hot, high pressure cleaning equipment, automatic parts washers, grain aeration controllers, bin equipment, tire fill, commercial mowers, and more.  Of course, service is key to any successful endeavor, and it is a crucial part of our business as we have customer support by phone, service trucks to come to your location, and two, full-service centers located in Madrid and North Platte, Nebraska.

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