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Your pressure washer was made to work hand in hand with a specific soap and detergent to make it WORK how it should - THE BEST!

Below are just a few of our most popular detergents. We have a variety of specialty cleaners available:

• Restaurant Hood Cleaners
• Tire Dressings 
• Airplane Wash
• Concrete Remover
• Carpet Cleaners & More!

Jantzen Equipment Detergent7.png

Fleet Kleen #9160

Formulated exclusively for the transportation industry

Excellent penetrating power

Very stable in hard water

Higher alkalinity for removal of heavy soils and grime

Jantzen Equipment Detergent6.png

Wash N' Dry #9170

Provides an instant wax-like protection with long-lasting durability in all weather

Easy to use


Cuts Oil & Grime

Cost Effective

Excellent Rinsing

Jantzen Equipment Detergent5.png

EZ Prep #9497

Pre-cleaner and bug remover

Penetrates and loosens bug remains and road film

Safe on all surfaces

Brightens chrome

Shines windshields

Jantzen Equipment Detergent4.png

Knock Out #1020

Heavy duty cleaner and degreaser

Quickly loosens heavy soil, grease or grime

Wide range of applications

Meets USDA requirements

Non-toxic and biodegradable

Jantzen Equipment Detergent3.png

Ultra HD # 217

Premium heavy duty cleaner and degreaser

No irritating fumes, free rinsing and generous foam

Meets USDA requirements for meat and poultry room cleaning

 May be used as a 90:1 presoak

Jantzen Equipment Detergent2.png

Buff Brite

Citrus and phosphoric based aluminum brighter and cleaner 

Safer than traditional aluminum brighteners


Fast and easy rinsing

Wonderful two-step product

Jantzen Equipment Detergent1.png

Pre-Clean Plus #229

Low foaming parts cleaner

Heavy-duty, high alkaline cleaner for use in industrial hot soak tanks or spray cabinet washers

Most versatile parts cleaning powder

Dissolves quickly into solution

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