what is

the sentry pac?

What It Is • How to Install • Programming • More

How It Works

The Sentry PAC is a grain aeration system controller that is PROACTIVE in keeping your grain in condition by sampling the temperature and humidity every 15 minutes. It creates a 21 day average and runs your fans at wider/narrow parameters based on your target moisture... 

how to install the sentry pac

How to install the Sentry PAC system is very simple. Mount the PAC inside or outside and mount the sensor outside, preferably under a cover to protect from elements that could cause inaccurate environmental readings...

How to program Your PAC

After installing the Sentry PAC, you will want to program it to your preferred grain condition so that it will do the work of keeping your grain in condition for you. Follow these four simple steps to program your machine...

The Sentry PAC "MODES" Explained

The Modes of the Sentry PA allow you to set the storage function based on your location's environment. Here you will set you drying and rewetting functions to keep your grain in perfect condition year round...

Sentry PAc "Options" Explain and How to Factory Reset

The options button allows you to set your backlog on your PAC, reset your Sentry PAC to it's factory defaults and much more. We are happy to walk you through the process of setting any options features you may need... 


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