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Portable, Belt-Drive, Aluminum Chassis, Gasoline-Powered, Cold-Water Pressure Washer

The PGA is Landa’s aluminum frame, belt-drive, cold-water pressure washer line offering cleaning power of up to 3,500 PSI at 3.7 GPM. The PGA is easy to transport, as well as push or pull around, thanks to the innovative frame construction and ideal weight distribution.
QUALITY: Only the highest quality components are used on the PGA, including a tri-plunger, high-pressure Landa pump with 7-year warranty, industrial-duty Honda engines with 3-year warranty, durable weldless aluminum frame, and point-and-shoot wand with side grip for operator comfort. The PGA is certified to the rigid UL-1776 safety standards with a 24-inch hose guard for burst protection and pictogram operating instructions for owner liability assurance.
CONVENIENCE: A number of features make the PGA especially popular with users who need to transport equipment to a cleaning site. For instance, the rust-free aluminum frame makes the PGA much lighter to lift into a vehicle; handles on both front and back make for easier loading; and the cast aluminum rotary joints allow the main handle to fold down making the PGA more compact. The PGA is easy to maneuver around the cleaning site with tubed pneumatic tires and
an ergonomic handle height. Shock-absorbing rubber feet keep the PGA from “walking” while in operation. The E-Z start valve (on models with 389cc engine) allows for resistance-free pull starting of the engine.

  • Up to 3.7 GPM, 3,500 PSI

  • Belt-Drive Landa Pump has 7-Year Warranty

  • Reliable Honda Engine

  • E-Z Pull Starting

  • Lightweight, Corrosion Resistant, Aluminum Frame

Hose and Gun Hangers for convenient storage of hose, trigger gun and wand.

Handles on front and back make it easy to load and unload into vehicles. Handle has Cast-Aluminum Rotary Joints and adjust height for ergonomic maneuvering and allows handle to fold down for compact storage and transport.

Insulated, fatigue-free, spring-loaded Trigger Gun with side-grip Spray Wand for effective point-and-shoot cleaning action.

50 ft. of steel-wire braid High Pressure Hose with 24-inch Hose Guard for burst protection and swivel Crimp Fitting for tangle-free handling of hose and trigger gun.

Tubed Pneumatic Tires make for easy maneuvering in any terrain.

Weldless Aluminum Chassis with handles made of 1 1/4-inch tubing is light, but durable, and is more corrosion resistant than steel.

Illustrated Labels with universal graphics and symbols make operating instructions and warnings easy to understand for operator convenience and owner liability protection.

Industrial-duty Gasoline-Powered Honda Engine with 3-year warranty, overhead valves, easy-access oil drain line, and vibration isolation for smooth operation.

Two Spring-Loaded Rubber Pad Feet absorb vibration for long life and to keep the unit from "walking."

Four quick-couple Nozzles are made of hardened stainless steel and color-coded for easy selection of spray pattern: 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°.

Industrial-grade, belt-drive Landa High-Pressure Pump has a tri-plex, forged brass head with a seven-year warranty and E-Z Start Valve for resistance-free pull starting of the 389cc engines.

There are many Safety Features, including a Thermal Pump Protector

to prevent the build-up of excessive pressures or heat.

Easy to adjust Bell-Tensioning System.



Part No. Description

9.802-225.0 Detergent Injector Kit

9.302-242.0 Legacy Revolution Turbo Nozzle (PGA3-27324)

9.302-243.0 Legacy Revolution Turbo Nozzle (PGA4-35324)

8.903-606.0 Landa Water Jet Surface Cleaner

8.739-026.0 50-ft. 4000 PSI Tuff-Skin Hose

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