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Portable, Belt-Drive, Gasoline-Powered, Cold Water Pressure Washer

The PG is LANDA’s portable, belt-drive, cold water pressure washer line
offering five models with cleaning power of up to 4000 PSI.
QUALITY: Only the highest quality components are used on the PG, including the tri-plunger LANDA high-pressure pump with 7-year warranty, Honda or Vanguard engine, durable steel frame with welded seams, and point-and-shoot wand for cleaning effectiveness. In addition to being certified to the rigid UL-1776 safety standards, the PG has a totally enclosed, OSHA-compliant belt guard, a 24-inch hose guard for burst protection and tri-lingual operating instructions for owner liability assurance.
CONVENIENCE: A number of features make the PG especially popular with users who need a powerful, outdoor pressure washer that cleans fast. For
instance, there are chrome-plated handles on both front and back for easy vehicle loading. Two leak-free, tubed pneumatic tires make for easy maneuvering in any terrain and two shock-absorbing spring-loaded rubber feet keep the PG from “walking” while in operation. And the E-Z start valve allows for resistance-free pull starting of the engine.

  • Up to 4.7 GPM, 4000 PSI

  • Belt-Drive LANDA Pump with 7-Year Warranty

  • Reliable Honda or Vanguard Engine

  • Lots of Safety Features

Hose/Gun Hanger for ease in storing hose and gun when not in use.

Block-mounted, top quality Unloader diverts water flow when trigger gun is shut off and keeps bypass water cooler.

Many Safety Features, including OSHA compliant belt guard and a thermal pump protector to prevent the build up of excessive heat in the pump.

50 ft. of steel-wire braid High Pressure Hose rated for up to 6000 PSI with 24-inch Hose Guard for burst protection and Swivel Crimp Fitting for ease in attaching trigger gun to hose.

Rugged High-Pressure LANDA Pump, with three ceramic plungers, forged brass head and seven-year warranty, is connected to the engine by a belt-drive assembly that features cast-iron bushing Pulleys and two notched "V" cogged belts, which provide a cooler operation and longer life; also two-bolt adjustment makes it easy to adjust the belt tension.

Two spring-loaded Rubber Pad Feet absorb vibration for long life and keep the unit from "walking."

Rugged 10-gauge steel Chassis is protected with all-weather-resistant epoxy powder coat paint.

Heavy-duty Gasoline-Powered Honda or Vanguard Engine with low-oil alert and some with electric start.

1 1/4" Chrome-plated Handles on front and back for convenience in vehicle loading and unloading.

Helpful Tri-Lingual Labels with operating instructions in English, Spanish and French for added liability protection and operator convenience.

Spring-loaded Trigger Gun with stainless steel, Variable Pressure Wand for low pressure detergent application (except 2000 PSI model uses standard wand).

E-Z Start Valve makes for resistance-free pull starting of the engine.

JIC Fittings are easy to service and corrosion-resistant.

Easy-to-attach Detergent Injector for easy application of soap.

13" four-ply, tubed Pneumatic Tires makes for easy maneuvering in any terrain.

Oil Drain Hose for convenience in changing oil.



Power Wash Detergents: LANDA has an extensive line of detergents formulated specifically for use with hot and cold water pressure washers.

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