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LANDA MHC Belt Drive

Self-Contained, Gasoline-Powered, Diesel-Heated, Hot Water Pressure Washer

With a rugged frame, stainless steel top wrap, and 13” flat-free tires, the MHC is both durable and portable, and easy to maneuver over flat surfaces and around corridors and hallways. The control panel is strategically located, allowing you to easily adjust the thermostat and hour meter depending on your needs. A technologically advanced engine-and-regulator combination eliminates the need for a battery or electrical connection, making it a convenient and versatile on-site choice for keeping your restaurant, resort, spa, or hotel clean and inviting!

  • Up to 3.5 GPM, 3500 PSI

  • Heavy-Duty Honda

  • Direct- or Belt-Drive Pump with 7-Year Warranty

Easy-reach Control Panel has Adjustable Thermostat, Hour Meter, and Tachometer with digital display that flashes a reminder when maintenance is due.

Four quick-couple Nozzles are made of hardened stainless steel and mounted for ready access.

Industrial-duty Honda, with overhead valves and easy-access oil drain line, is mounted on Vibration Isolators for less wear and longer life.

50 ft. of steel-wire braid High Pressure Hose with 24-inch guard for burst protection.

Many Safety Features, including a rupture disk and thermal pump protector to prevent buildup of excess pressures or heat.

Options include Caster Wheels for extra mobility in tight work areas and Float Tank with inlet detergent metering valve.

Top-of-the-line 12V DC Burner uses new high-tech engineering for better fuel efficiency and lower maintenance.

Industrial-grade, tri-plex our High-Pressure Pump, direct- or belt-drive, has a forged brass head and a seven-year limited warranty.

Helpful Trilingual Labels with operating instructions in English, Spanish and French for owner and operator protection.

Unique lift-out design allows for easy and quick Coil Access.

Rust-free, 10-gallon Fuel Tank with elevated fuel line to prevent dirt and debris from reaching burner.

Rugged 1 1/4" square tube steel Chassis protected with weather-resistant epoxy powder coat finish.

Durable polyurethane Battery Box on electric start models slides out for easy access.

EASY!Force Trigger Gun with cruise control like technology uses its own recoil force to hold the trigger down - so, no more sore hands after hours of use.

13-inch Flat Free Tires for easy maneuvering on any terrain.

Options & Accessories

8.915-496.0 360° Pivot Hose Reel Kit (100' capacity)

8.750-487.0 Pivot Reel (100' capacity) reel only

8.750-477.0 Non-Pivot Reel (100' capacity) reel only

8.917-541.0 Hose Reel Platform E-Zee Reel & Plumbing (holds 100' of 3/8" hose, not included)*

8.917-522.0 Hose Reel Platform Only*

8.915-404.0 Wheel Kit (2 font cast

er wheels)

8.915-406.0 Float Tank & Inlet Detergent Valve

8.916-184.0 Lifting Bracket

8.915-494.0 Trailer Mount Kit

We offer a number of pressure washer accessories to reduce your cleaning time. Depending on your cleaning application, choose from items such as flat surface cleaners like the Water Jet, rotary nozzles, extension wands and more.

If you’re cleaning long hours at a time, the EASY!Force trigger gun is an ideal and innovative solution to alleviate user fatigue. It’s designed to use its own recoil force to hold the trigger down, which means you won’t have sore hands after hours of use.

We also offer accessories designed to lengthen the life of your equipment, such as hose reels, which not only protect the high pressu

re hose from damage, but help with storage when not in use.

Give us a call to learn which accessories are suitable to use with your pressure washer - and your application.

Detergent for every job

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