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SentryPac/Guide/Method/Storage Modes

Initial Settings

Grain - Corn, Yellow

Moisture - 14.5%

Airflow - 4 Hours

Mode - Storage 1

Probes - Off

Clock - Central Time

Lockouts - Disabled

Backlog - 15 Hours

Upper Temp Limit - 117 Degrees

Lower Temp Limit - 0 Degrees

Upper Humidity Limit - 99%

Lower Temp Limit - 5%

Upper Target Limit - 60 Degrees

Lower Target Limit - 20 Degrees

Constant Temp Band - 50 Degrees

Constant EMC Band - 0.1%

Fall Cooldown - On

Scroll Speed - 3 Seconds

Average Temp - Nothing for 24 Hours Unless Set


Most settings are made by following procedure:

1. Press the key of choice

...on 2 program models you will be prompted for program 1 or program 2. Press either ARROW key to toggle between the programs. Press SET to select the desired program. Other settings you choose will default to this program until you change to the other program.

2. Press either ARROW key to display the selections one at a time

3. Stop at the desired selection

4. Press the SET key to make choice

Required Steps for Normal Storage

1. Verify that the average temperature is set


3. Press AUTO RUN

All other settings are optional. However, initial settings of modes, limits and options may not be appropriate for your climate and/or goals.


One of 20 different grains may be set on the Sentry Pac:



Corn, Yellow


Edible beans, red

Fescue, tall

Garbanzo beans


Peanut, kernel

Peanuts, whole

Pinto Beans


Rice, brown

Rice, rough




Wheat, Durum

Wheat, hard red

Wheat, Soft

An equilibrium formula specific to each of these grains is utilized when calculating EMC. 


A moisture setting can be chose from 4.0% to 20.0 % by tenths.

This key sets a moisture percentage that is used in 3 different ways:

1. The Target Moisture Content (TMC) that is the center point for the adaptive and constant EMC bands.

2. The moisture point that is the upper limit int he drain mode.

3. The moisture point that is the lower limit in the rewetting mode


Budgeted time is set using the AIRFLOW key. This amount of time will be added to the backlog each midnight. It does not mean the fans will run this amount each day.

Actual fan runtime each day will be between 0 and 24 house depending on weather conditions and the amount of backlog.

The key is labeled AIRFLOW because the rate of airflow is the most important factor for proper setting, but budgeted time per day is what is actually set.

This setting is used by storage modes 1, 2, & 3 and special mode 2.

This setting can be reduced in winter and summer when n further temperature change in the grain required.

This to consider when setting:

1. CRM per bushel available

2. Cost of electricity

3. Objectives

The following recommendations are for normal storage maintenance at typical moisture contents. Higher moisture contents may require higher-settings for safety.

CFM Per Bushel

Fraction 1/20 = Decimal .050

Fraction 1/15 = Decimal .066

Fraction 1/12 = Decimal .083

Fraction 1/10 = Decimal .100

Fraction 1/9 = Decimal .111

Fraction 1/8 = Decimal .125

Fraction 1/7 = Decimal .142

Fraction 1/6 = Decimal .167

Fraction 1/5 = Decimal .200

Fraction 1/4 = Decimal .250

Fraction 1/3 = Decimal .333

Fraction 1/2 = Decimal .500

Fraction 2/3 = Decimal .666

Fraction 3/4 = Decimal .700

 1 = Decimal 1.00

1 and 1/4 = Decimal .1.25

1 and 1/2 = Decimal 1.50

2 = Decimal 2.00

Budgeted Runtime

8 Hours = 0 Minutes

6 Hours = 0 Minutes

Hours = 48 Minutes

4 Hours = 0 Minutes

3 Hours = 36 Minutes

3 Hours = 12 Minutes

2 Hours = 49 Minutes

2 Hours = 24 Minutes

2 Hours = 0 Minutes

1 Hour = 36 Minutes

1 Hour = 12 Minutes

1 Hour = 48 Minutes

36 Minutes

32 Minutes

24 Minutes

19 Minutes

16 Minutes

12 Minutes

Airflow (continued)

If a temperature change is being moved through the grain mass within several weeks, adequate runtime is being budgeted. This can be determined by how close the top grain temperature (assuming the air is blowing up) is to the target (average) temperature. If the stop grain temperature (in the least airflow spot) is normally within 5 degrees of target temperature, enough fan runtime is being budgeted.

Choose the setting of the least airflow spot.

For economy, try eating lower than these recommendations but watch the relationship between the top grain temperature and the target temperature. The top grain temperature should not lag the target too much (regularly more than 10 degrees).

To accomplish rewetting or drying with the Sentry Pac, settings that are higher than these recommendations will result in faster moisture change. Budgeting 4-6 hours per day seems to result in achieving uniform moisture contents, Settings much higher than this may result in poor uniformity of moisture content because the  higher the setting , the more Tim that his added to the backlog, and the wider the adaptive bands are set. This can result in less uniform temperature control that is uniform moisture control.


1. Set high enough to achieve a uniform temperature throughout the grain mass near target temperature.

2. Within reason, budget more run time than the minimum required to control temperature to achieve more moisture change.

Because we are budgeting future runtime e, one way to view this setting is to divide the daily budgeted amount by 24 hours to determine the percentage. Not each day bu tiger several weeks, the PAC will pick this percentage of weather that comes closest to achieving the desired goals. 

8 Hours - the fans run 33.3% of  the time

6 Hours - the fans run 25.0% of  the time

4 Hours - the fans run 16.7% of  the time

3 Hours - the fans run 12.5% of  the time

2 Hours - the fans run 8.3% of  the time

1 Hours - the fans run 4.2% of  the time

Grin Airflow...
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