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the sentry pac method


SentryPac/Guide/Method/Storage Modes

Storage Modes Only

Selecting one of the three storage modes will be the best choice for most storage situations. These utilize fully the adaptiveness of the Sentry PAC method. The first objective of the Sentry method is to establish and maintain a uniform temperature in the grain mass that is near the outside average temperature. This prevents moisture migration, the largest cause of spoilage.

While a uniform average temperature is being achieved, moisture control is attained within the limits of airflow, runtime and the factors that affect TMC (target moisture content).

unique attributes

Proactive: Stating from day one, the Sentry method enables the PAC to move the grain temperature and MC in the desired direction. This is done by managing the air. This method prevents the state of problems common to grain storage.

Adaptive: The parameters are automatically changed as needed to pick optimal conditions in which to run the fans.

Gradual: Part of the good results of this method come from the gradual temperature changes that avoid the problems of large fronts.

Frequency: A distinct advantage is the frequent fan operation within optimal parameters. 

Frequent fan operation moderates the effects of the sun warming unevenly. It prevents or "nips in the bud" the start of problems. 

Insect activity is minimized by temperature and humidity control as well as the frequency of air movement.

The PAC updates its average temperature every 15 minutes - producing a moving 21 day average temperature which is the basis for establishing a target temperature for the grain.

Operator's Guide: Insallation: Very Important
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