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SentryPac/Guide/Method/Storage Modes


Information is displayed on a 16 character alpha/numeric display on the Sentry Pac.

When setting certain values on the Sentry Pac, the item to be changed is indicated by a trailing decimal point (.).

Items that pertain to a bun (except probe temperature and MANUAL OFF) do not display when set to MANUAL OFF.

The initial scroll speed of the Sentry Pac display is 3 seconds, Speeds of 1 through 6 seconds can be set. "SET SCORLL SPEED" under OPTIONS is used to change the speed, The asterisk (*) indicates the current setting. 

Any item can be turned off so it will not display. "SELECT DISPLAY" under OPTIONS is used to do this, The asterisk (*) in front of an item means it will display. Use SET to turn this on or off. When finished, scroll to EXIT and press SET.


The keyboard, consisting of 16 membranes switches, is built into the face panel.

Pressing lightly in the center of the key activates it.

Pressing the UP arrow key for 2 seconds makes the scroll go backward.

Pressing the DOWN arrow key for 2 seconds makes the scroll go forward.

Pressing the SCROLL ON/OFF key for 2 seconds stops or starts the scroll.

Pressing any key except the ARROWS or SET key when the fans are on will temporarily stop the fans. After you finish any changes, the fans will turn on again (unless you set MANUAL OFF).

Operator's Guide: Insallation: Very Important
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