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A lockout is a period of time during which the fans will not turn on, even in MANUAL ON. Six lockout periods (spans) are available.

1-3 effective in 9020 program one (or 9100); 4-6 effective in 9020 program two.

A lockout cannot cross midnight (12:00 am).

A lockout can cross noon (12:00 pm).

A lockout can be set to be active any of the 7 days of the week.

A minimum of 15 minutes can be locked out.


The setup procedure requires these steps:

  1. Press LOCKOUTS.

  2. Press either ARROW key to select a lockout.

  3. Press SET.

Set the beginning time and ending time making sure the ending time is at least 15 minutes later. Do not cross midnight (12:00 am). (Instead set one lockout to 11:59 pm, and start another lockout at 12:00 am.)

Beginning time

 4. Press either ARROW key to select the hour.

 5. Press SET.

Repeat 4 & 5 for minute and am/pm.

Ending time

Repeat beginning steps.

Next is a menu that includes these choices:

   SUNDAY                                MONDAY                                TUESDAY

WEDNESDAY                           THURSDAY                              FRIDAY

  SATURDAY                        ENABLE LOCKOUT                       EXIT

 6. Press the UP ARROW key to scroll through the seven days of the week.

 7. Press SET to turn on or off a leading asterisk (*). The asterisk means the lockout period applies to that day.

 8. Enable (turn on) the lockout by turning on an asterisk (*) in front of “ENABLE LOCKOUT”.

After reviewing which days of the week are set, scroll to exit and press set.

A message “LOCKOUT x ENABLED” will appear.

Disable lockout

Disabling a lockout requires scrolling through the steps outlined above and removing the asterisk (*) from in front of “ENABLE LOCKOUT”.

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