How To Program The Sentry PAC

How to Program the Sentry PAC Grain Storage System from Jantzen Equipment

How to Program the Sentry PAC


Now that you have watched our video tutorial on how to Install the Sentry PAC and you have power to the PAC and the power run to your starters on your fans. You know that the PAC is actually going to do what it should do and it's time to program it to your desired specifications.


Now you want to program the Sentry PAC. Programming is extremely simple.

You start by selecting your grain by pushing the “Grain” button. You can select over 20 different grains (corn, cotton seed, beans, popcorn, canola, wheat, etc), however, in this tutorial we set it to “corn” and push the “Set” button.


Then, to set your moisture, push “Moisture”, scrolling up and down arrows, find you number and hit “set”. For this video, we selected 15.5.


Push the “Ariflow” button. Airflow is set for 4 hours and we recommend you leave it there for your storage modes. What this will do is it will budget the amount time It is going to runs that if it doesn’t run for 4 hours for a 24 hour period it will add it to the backlog which will open the parameters and will allow it to run more which is which this this the Sentry PAC so proactive.

Once you set the airflow, you hit “set”

4. Hit “Auto Run” and “Set” and you’re done! It will run your fans when it needs to.

Feel free to call us with any programming questions, we are happy to walk you through the process (308) 326-4239 or 877-JANTZEN

Video Tutorial: How to Program the Sentry PAC

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