Sentry PAC "Options" Explained (And How To Reset Your PAC)

Sentry PAC Grain Storage System Modes Explained by  Jantzen Equipment

The Options Button Has Several Features, Here's A Few...


Setting the Average Temp (not recommended)

We can set the average temperature if your PAC has been unplugged for a while or does not have an accurate reading on the temperature because you have recently installed it and you know what the average temp is. You can set that average temp in here and the PAC will then work off that entreated in Temperature. I recommend that you leave it on the 12 day average instead of setting the temperature unless you are extremely certain as to what the average is.

Use the arrow keys to navigate to the “Set Backlog”

This shows the hours that the PAC accumulates for run time, that opens up the parameters. If you have been without power of if you have a situation where you have replaced the PAC and you need to get some more run time you can set this back log with the hours that will give you more run time..

Other options include:

Temperature, higher and lower limits, humidity limits, these are things that you are probably only going to run at specific times, I recommend you call us for these things and we will walk you through whatever process you need (308) 326-4239 or 877-JANTZEN.

You can reset your pac if you have any trouble.

Use Arrows to navigate to "RESET"

Reset the PAC

Hit "SET"

Power On/Power Off

Unplug the power

Wait 10 Seconds

Power Up

It will be reset to factory defaults

Feel free to call us with any questions, we are happy to walk you through the process (308) 326-4239 or 877-JANTZEN

Video Tutorial: Explaining the "Modes" of the Sentry PAC

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