Sentry PAC "Modes" Explained

Sentry PAC Grain Storage System Modes Explained by  Jantzen Equipment

What are the "Modes" of the Sentry PAC?


Once you have the basic operations set up, you can move into the "Modes" of the Sentry PAC.

Push and hold “Modes” Button until “ Storage 1” appears.

“Storage 1” Appears On Screen

"Storage 1" is good for the corn Belt in the USA, pretty much anywhere you are going to run it, you’re going to use Storage 1 setting once you get your grain cooled down from harvest

Use Arrow Buttons to Navigate to “Storage 2”

"Storage 2" is for more dry climates such as that of the Western United States and desert regions

Use Arrow Buttons to Navigate to “Storage 3”

"Storage 3" is used for more humid climates such as those found in the Southern and South-Eastern regions of the United States of South America

Use Arrow Buttons to Navigate to “Rewetting”

The Rewetting feature takes the EMC (Equivalent Moisture Content) and runs the fans when the moisture is above what your target is. For example, if you have soybeans that are 9 moisture and you want to sell them at 12 moisture, set your moisture to 12 and put it on “Rewetting” and the Sentry PAC will take it from there, bringing the beans up from 9 moisture to 12 moisture, giving your more bushels and more salability.

Use Arrow Buttons to Navigate to “Drying’

The “Drying” mode is used if you have grain in a bin that is stored at a high moisture number like 18 or 19 and you want to get it down quickly and get it cooled off. Set it on drying mode, set the moisture at your desired rate (i.e. 14) and the Sentry PAC bring the 18 down to 14 as quickly as it can. The PAC gets rid of the back logs and opens up and parameter to run your bin fan(s).

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Video Tutorial: Explaining the "Modes" of the Sentry PAC

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