How To Install The Sentry PAC

How The Sentry PAC Gives You the Power to Protect Your Bin


(video tutorial below)

Basically the PAC is for indoor and outdoor use. The remote sensor needs to be outdoors because you need to get an accurate environmental reading. The sensor will read the humidity and temperature, taking a sample and sending it t to the PAC through the wire every 15 min to get 21-day average. It also give you an average temp/humidity so that you can put the temperature in your bin. As long as you keep the temperature and humidity equal, your grain never goes out of condition. The sensor needs to be stored somewhere or placed somewhere o the side of the bin, preferably off of the bin, beside the bin, in the shade where it will never hit sunshine, with a cover over the top in order to eliminate ice or snow settling on top of it which would give you a false reading

The PAC can be stored/mounted inside in a scale house or maintenance room of the facility, or it can be outside on the side of the bin right where the fan controllers are. You need to run 110 colt power tout the Sentry PAC as well as the wires to run to the starters of all of your fans.

Feel free to call us with any installation questions, we are happy to walk you through the process (308) 326-4239 or 877-JANTZEN

Video Tutorial: How to Install the Sentry PAC

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