How The Sentry PAC Gives You The Power To Protect Your Bin

How The Sentry PAC Gives You the Power to Protect Your Bin



Any instance where you are storing grain is where a Sentry APC is useful. Whether you are storing 5,000 bushels or 5,000,000 bushels the PAC can take care of that an ease your mind as far as how your grain is staying in condition.


What makes us different from the other aeration controllers that are on the market? It’s the only proactive machine available. It actually samples the temperature and humidity every 15 min, creates a 21 day average, makes the Sentry PAC run the fans at a wider parameter or a narrower parameter based on what we want that grain to be stored at.

For example, if we want the grain to be stored at 15.5, the Sentry PAC will open it up and narrow it down according to the weather conditions outside. No other programmed aeration controller can do this. No other system is proactive like the Sentry PAC. All other programmed grain aeration systems all rely on bin temperatures in order to get the right temperature on your grain. They all are retroactive to a problem to a problem that is already existing.

Check out these introductory videos from Dave at Jantzen Equipment Company explaining more about the Sentry PAC system and it's benefits:

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