Jantzen Equipment: Track Log Eliminates Stuck Pivots

Track Log by Soil Pam - We fought pivot tracks for 30 years, but thanks to Track Log, we have not pulled pivots out in two and a half years.

You may have seen these hanging off of the base beams on pivots and wondered what they are and what they do. Track Log is a poly acrylamide compound held in a net bag. After installation and as the water drips from your pivot onto it, the poly acrylamide goes down into the soil.

This compound helps hold the soil together which eliminates the pivot tracks and in turn, reduces ponding. Having Track Log installed on your pivot is actually healthier for the corn plants that are around it because they re not in standing water.

If you are an irrigating farmer who has pivots you have pulled pivots out. We have had them stuck in the middle of summer - everyone has a couple spots in their fields that seem to be an issue.

We have spent 30 years fighting pivot tracks and we finally came up with this to be the solution that took the pivot tracks from hitting the base beams to about an average of a 4-6in deep track. Sometimes it can be less and very seldom a bit deeper.

We have not pulled pivots out in two and a half years - at all. Any pivot that we have put the Soil Pam Track Log on has not been stuck.

If you are interested in learning more about Track Log - we would be happy to talk with you to discuss pricing, benefits and shipping options. Call us, your Track Log dealer today at 308.326.4239.

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