Jantzen Equipment: Karcher KM7020 Sweeper Review Industrial Floor Care

Today we are featuring the KM7020 sweeper from Karcher. It is a push sweeper that eliminates dust, collects all the dirt on your shop floor into a dust bin and does a great job. We want to show you how this thing works!

So we have this KM7020 from Karcher. It's a sweeper designed to sweep up debris in the shop or out on the sidewalks, anywhere you have debris you want to sweep. Dual heads with a brush inside and a collection bin to collect all the dust and dirt. This makes it nice and easy to clean up. The brush heads run via a belt and you can adjust the tension depending on the soil load. You can also adjust the tension on the main sweeper and gathering broom up or down depending on the soil load.

Watch it in action!

So that's an overview of the KM7020 Sweeper from Archer and Jantzen Equipment. You can check out all of our products online at JantzenEquipment.com or follow us on Facebook.com/jantzenequipment

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