Jantzen Equipment: Cuda Parts Washer Benefits

Dave Jantzen on the benefits of a Cuda Washer:

"Today we are going to look at the Cuda SJ15. This was originally patented and designed by Landa when Landa and Cuda got together they started selling the Cuda brand. We started selling these in about 1994-1993 and actually we still have quite a few of these units in service from those original dates."

"The reason why: It's an outstanding design for serviceability. The water drives the wheel, you don't have any drive chains or motors that you have to replace or tension or chains that get rusted up and quit working. It spins around using the pressure supplied by the pump and that's what cleans the parts inside. There's a bearing that the water comes through, you get 360-degress of cleaning while your parts sit in the center instead of having a turn table where the parts spin on the table and the spray arm is stationary. Cuda has both types, we just like this one mainly because for our customers, it's a long term investment and there is very low maintenance to these machines."

"Cleaning them out - cleaning the filters is basically all you need to do. Operation, very simple. Turn the timer to the desired setting, usually 20 minutes for about anything you're going to put in there. Your heat can be either turned on in the morning or you can take it down to the timer setting. It works on a 7 day timer so it will kick on at 7 in the morning and shut off at 4 in the afternoon. That way when you get to work it's hot and when you leave work, it's cooling off."

"Thermostat - which is adjustable, usually you leave it at a hotter temperature. The oil skimmer can also be run on a timer or manually. The oil skimmer runs in tieback and when that water is cool, the oil comes to the top and it will skim that oil off at the surface and put it in a collection system of your choice. That can be run automatically so it runs the skimmer 15 minutes before you turn the heat on because once that heats up then the oil gets back into the mix and doesn't separate out."

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