Jantzen Equipment: Cold Water Pressure Washer Comparison

So today we are going to look at the comparisons and differences between the Landa cold water washer and the "X-Brand."

First we want to show you the X-brand. Basic Honda Motor, direct drive pump, 3200PSI, 4 GPM. You can buy it at your box store. It's a relatively inexpensive machine.

The big differences between these are:

- Type of Pump

- Drive System

- Unloading System

- The Frame

All of those things add up to make it a better machine with the Landa.

Like we said earlier, same gallons, similar pressure, 3500PSI verses 4.

Obvious differences on the Landa Machine:

- Belt Drive: means a slower pump RPM which means a lower pump life. Instead of running at 3250 it's running at about 900 RPM.

- Bigger and Better Honda Engine: this one comes with electric start, which gets rid of having to pull that rope.

-Has 4 to 5 nozzles (the Honda has none),

- The unloader system is separate than the pump which makes for better serviceability because your unloader is the part that fails the most in any pressure washer.

- Gets rid of the problem with taking the pump apart in order to replace an unloading system.

- The Suspension system underneath has rubber isolation mounts. The motor is mounted on mounts that are isolated, getting rid of the vibration and the "walk" that sometimes occurs from running a gas engine pressure washer.

Obviously, when you add belt drive, electric start, you're going to have a little more money in this machine that you would have in the other. However, in this Landa machine, you will have 15-18 years of service life and in the other you have have 5. So, how many times do you want to buy the same thing?

Questions? Want to order one? Let us help you find the perfect washer for your operation. Call us at 877-JANTZEN or email us at dave@jantzenequipment.com

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