Customer Spotlight: The Car Doctor

Dan Anthony and Rob Evans of The Car Doctor in North Platte, Nebraska, give us an inside view of their business and a look at how the Cuda Parts Washer, Landa Pressure Washer and Exmark Mowers from Jantzen Equipment.

"We've been in business since 2006. We are located at 675 East North Lake Road south of North Platte, Nebraska, by Lake Maloney. We do car restoration, service, street rods and more."

"We have a complete shop, upholstery, mechanic, body, paint."

Cuda Parts Washer at the Car Doctor North Platte, Nebraska

"What's your experience with the Cuda Parts Washer?"

It saves us lots of time. It is a stand alone machine and it will do the work of a person so you just put the part in and walk away.

How about the ExMark Mowers?

"We love the mowers! We have three of them! We both have one personally and we have one here at the shop."

How often do you use your Landa Pressure Washer?

"We probably use it weekly. When we get a project in and do tear down, we take things and pressure wash underside, top side, motors, transmissions - the bigger stuff we cannot get into the Cuda washer."

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