Customer Spotlight: Aupperle Heating & Air

Check out this video interview with Rick Aupperle, owner of Aupperle Heating & Air out of North Platte, Nebraska.

"We are plumbers by trade. We run these big trucks like you see behind me, all over the country, including lots of industrial sites."

"With the type of equipment we have and what we do, people are amazed when my equipment shows up to a job site - the condition that it shows up in. I do think it projects a professional image and I think it makes a lot of difference to people that are looking to hire professionals. I'm not working on my trucks in their yard, it's there to do a job and we are gone. We use Landa to keep our trucks and equipment like you see it today. Every week we use their detergents, we use their power washers, we use their non spot. We absolutely love it."

"I've had Jantzen's power washer in my shop for 4 years, before that it was a trip to the car wash every day and we really struggled. This equipment gets filthy and it's hard to take care of. Honestly, it's so much simpler now. I went with a really nice portable unit that I can move around in the building and it really works phenomenally."

What Is Your Experience with the Landa ECOS Unit?

"We have that unit out on a mobile site right now, doing some work for Union Pacific. It's phenomenal. The engineering firm that we are working with out of Texas just are raving about the condition of what we are working on when we are finished with it. Would highly recommend that piece of equipment."

Interested in learning more about Landa Cleaning Equipment? Give us a call at 877-JANTZEN.

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