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The patent-pending ECOS Mobile Wash and Reclaim System is a new, revolutionary mobile hot-water pressure washing system with integrated wash water recovery and filtration. With this innovative pressure washer, water can be recycled and reused to reduce fresh water usage. The ECOS also enables operators to comply with environmental regulations in jurisdictions that restrict wash water runoff from entering and soiling the environment. 


One of the most exciting features of the ECOS is its use of patented Trans-Heat Technology, a creative process whereby heat from engine exhaust is captured in order to preheat inlet water by up to 15°F. The result is improved burner efficiency, fewer emissions, lower fuel costs, and a faster return on an owner’s investment.


This ground-breaking hot-water pressure washer is powered by an industrial grade Honda GX660 gasoline engine and a LANDA LT pump to deliver cleaning power up to 3,500 PSI at a rate of 4.7 GPM. 


The ECOS is ideal for cleaning outdoors with hot water and is designed to appeal to a wide range of users including contract cleaners, municipalities, ports, building service contractors, fleet maintenance contractors, construction contractors, rental contractors, and state and federal government. Best of all, the fully self-contained mobile ECOS can go almost anywhere.


Feature Rich

The ECOS comes with a multi-stage filtering system, a two-inch vacuum hose, and a suction head for water reclamation. Two hose reels are included, along with 50-foot high-pressure LANDA Tuff-Skin™ hose, and a variable pressure wand. The chassis features a large, open galley for hauling and storing equipment, along with lockable secured storage and fuel access area. ECOS operators will appreciate the ease of use and ease of transporting this useful mobile wash trailer.

Built to Last

Four durable polyethylene tanks hold up to 400 total gallons of water. The main frame is composed of a 2” x 3” tube steel frame and formed channel protected by a weather-resistant polyester powder coating. The ECOS features a top-of-the-line, oil-bath, tri-plunger, belt-driven LANDA LT pump with 7-year warranty. It also features a high-quality, electric-start Honda engine and a heavy-duty 4,000 watt generator mounted on a vibration isolated 10-gauge steel power platform. The horizontal heating coil is made of durable half-inch schedule 80 cold rolled pipe. The ECOS is assembled using high-quality components.

Easy to Service

The ECOS was engineered with the service tech in mind, providing open access to components for maintenance or service. The ECOS features a conveniently placed control panel, burner, generator, and battery. All components are composed of high quality fittings that are easy to connect and disconnect including the protective front panels. The accessibility of ECOS’ components makes this an easy-to service unit.

What does it clean?

The ECOS is ideal for cleaning outdoors with hot water, such as:

• Front-end loaders

• Forklifts

• Dump trucks

• Graders and dozers

• Farm equipment

• Tractors and trailers

• Buses, trains and planes

• Walls, floors and ceilings

• Machinery and equipment

• Drills and pipelines

• Street maintenance equipment

• Rental equipment

• Marinas and dry docked boats

• Trash bins

• Tanks, cages and pens

• Sidewalks, parking lots and

around buildings